Legal Status

Legal Status

Registered Charity Status

Heritage Care is a charitable company limited by guarantee registered with the Registrar of Companies and the Charity Commission. Our registration numbers are as follows:

Registered company number: 07211819
Registered charity number: 1135353

Heritage Care Limited is registered, and therefore licenced to provide services, by the Care Quality Commission (Provider ID:   1-102643235). We are governed by a Board of Trustees who have a wide range of professional backgrounds and act in a voluntary capacity.

Public Benefit

Heritage Care and Community Options (the trading name of our specialist mental health services), work with beneficiaries who are defined by the consequences of old age, disability and illness. There is no condition of membership to receive services from Heritage Care or Community Options and eligibility is related to the levels of care and support required in addtion to availability of beds/space or staff.

Many people Heritage Care provide services to are likely to be low income earners whose care and support is funded through statutory agencies either through individual or group funding arrangements. Heritage Care has a policy of limiting the number of people who are able to meet the full cost of their care and support. Trustees place no discretionary restriction on eligibility or access to services, and so the principles of the public benefit requirements placed on the charity are met and are reviewed annually by the trustees.

Amber Housing is not a registered charity so is not obliged to make a formal public benefit statement. However, it works with the disadvantaged providing affordable housing solutions, and would meet the requirements of the Charity Commission on public benefit.