Driving up Quality Code

Driving up Quality Code


Organisations who provide support for people with learning disabilities have signed up to an initiative called the Driving Up Quality Code to ensure they aim beyond minimum standards to improve the lives of people in their care.  The Driving Up Quality Alliance, which is  provider led has taken action and developed the code in response to the abuse of people with learning disabilities at Winterbourne View care home in 2011, to ensure this can never happen again.

The Driving up Quality Code has been developed by members of the Driving Up Quality Alliance, a steering group of representatives from provider organisations chaired by the Housing and Support Alliance has led on the work with support from: the Care Quality Commission, the Department of Health, the Association of Directors of Adults Social Services, the Challenging Behaviour Foundation and NHS England.

The Driving up Quality Code sets out 5 key areas that indicate the practices of a good organisation:

  • Support is focused on the person
  • The person is supported to have an ordinary and meaningful life
  • Care and Support focuses on people being happy and having a good quality of life
  • A good culture is important to the organisation
  • Managers and board members lead and run the organisation well

Heritage Care has signed up to the Code. You can see the results of our Board’s self assessment here, and you can download a copy of our action plans for individual services as an illustration of how we are applying the Driving Up Quality Code. Please see:
Action Plan- Newham
Action Plan – Wick Road, Hackney |
Update Feb 2016 | Update Feb 2018

Action Plan – Charlton Road, Harrow  | Update – Feb 2015 | Update Feb 2016

Action Plan – West Midlands and East Anglia | Update: August 2016: East Anglia

Action Plan – East Midlands

You can find out more about the Code and how Heritage Care is meeting it by visiting the Driving up Quality website at: http://www.drivingupquality.org.uk/.

Explanation on how Heritage Care have approached the Driving up Quality Code is : here.

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