Quality Checkers

Quality Checkers

Quality Checks – Experts by Experience

The Quality Checkers are a team of people with Learning Disabilities who want to help others.  They are experts by experience because they themselves live in their own home with support.  Quality Checkers make sure that people with learning disabilities, living in their own homes with support, are happy and having full lives.

Quality Checkers in Heritage Care

As part of our Quality Strategy Heritage Care works with Quality Checkers to help monitor and improve the quality of our services for people with learning disabilities. Since 2009 we have appointed six quality checkers  who have been trained to undertake quality checks of our supported living services and who are on the organisation’s payroll. The individuals have grown in confidence and their ‘conversations’ with the people we support are hugely valuable in getting feedback on how we can improve our services. We have expanded their work to include mystery shopping and joint visits with Regional Managers to assess the quality of support plans. At the last Heritage Care annual conference three quality checkers made a lively presentation of their work and how it helps the lives of the people we support.

What a Quality Checker does?

They use different ways to find out what people think of their support.  This may include sending a questionnaire, visiting people’s homes, speaking to the person on the telephone, talking to someone who knows the person well. Quality Checkers who work with Heritage Care also meet up with our Regional Managers from each area to talk about the reports and make sure people do what they say they are going to do. Quality checkers receive training from Skills for People and Heritage Care on how to be a Quality Checker. They told us what it was like to work for Heritage Care as a Quality Checker.

 ‘I like to work with everyone. I am happy and proud!  I like talking to other people.  I like Quality Checkers I can help people if they have nothing to do.  It is good. I am happy as I was in a newsletter for being a good employee!
Robert Jordan

  ‘My name is Jane and I live in Watton in Norfolk.  I am a Quality Checker working for Heritage Care.  I enjoy this job because I meet people and learn about their lives. Now down to more serious business we visit people and ask questions, write reports and let people know so we can be treated the same as everyone else’.
Jane Barber

 It’s a job! I enjoy being a Qualified Checker. I have also made friends with Robert and Jane.
Richard Quigley