Victoria has a job

Victoria has a job

Victoria Barnes is an excellent example of how Heritage Care helps the people it supports to live not just independent but also fulfilled lives. Victoria is a young woman who has Williams Syndrome and learning difficulties who is supported by Heritage Care in Suffolk. She lives in her own flat which has a sleep in room for staff and she receives 31.25 hours a week support. Victoria decides, along with the staff, when she will receive her support according to what activities she has planned for the week.

In March 2014 she was supported to apply for the position voluntary Classroom Support Worker at Warren School. The latter is a Community Special School for pupils with Severe Learning Difficulties, which is committed to providing the highest standard of education for every pupil. It caters for school age children from 4 to 19 and is a place where the pupils really matter and every individual’s ability is recognised, developed and rewarded. This person-centred approach fits perfectly with Heritage Care’s ethos and so it was very fitting that Victoria should want to work there.

Victoria got the job. She now travels to work on the train from Saxmundham to Lowestoft. Her job involves working with the 14 to 19 year old pupils. They follow a programme which aims to make them independent learners, responsible citizens and confident and happy individuals. “Miss Barnes” supports pupils in the classroom to listen to the teacher during their lessons and she also provides support during PE. Like all staff, she has to do playground and lunch duties. Whilst at work she has school dinners but she eats with her colleagues, the teachers and other support staff. At the end of her working day she commutes home on the train.

At the end of last term Victoria attended the school prom as a teaching assistant.

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