Get Connected

Get Connected

Get Connected is a support group that takes its lead from people with learning disabilities.  The group was set up to bring about change in the way support is provided.  The members of the group work together to make sure people are happy and are being supported to live the life they want and to have the same opportunities and services as other citizens.

Get Connected is about supporting people to have an independent life that includes:-

  • Getting paid work
  • Having a place to call their own
  • Enjoying good health
  • Having a good time with family and friends
  • Being part of the community

This may sound easy for you and I, but many barriers stop people with a learning disability from living ordinary lives. The members of the group communicate in a way that makes sense to each other through using easy read materials, drama, graphics, music, art and multimedia. They use a range of resources and develop skills that bring connections with people. The members celebrate, network and learn together; they share stories, memories and photographs which help develop great community relationships and friendships.    

People with learning disabilities are among the most vulnerable in our society; with some people exposed to bullying and hate crime.  Everyone has a right to feel safe and belong in their local community.  These groups give people the right environment and platform to be themselves, build skills and the confidence to speak out!

 Lionel’s Story:

“I enjoy talking about different things at the meeting.  I have made new friends there.”Lionel

Lionel likes to have his lunch with everyone.  When Lionel first came to the meetings he sat on the outside edge of the room not participating.  After a couple of meetings he soon felt welcomed and part of the group and became more involved, making new friends.  Lionel always asks when the next meeting will be.

Lionel only receives 14 hours support per week and without attending the meetings he would not have had the opportunity to meet new people and widen his social circle.  Lionel is a very sociable gentleman who enjoys company, visiting new places and being involved within the group.

Support Manager

Richard’s Story

“Get Connected is so good. I meet lots of friends and I talk to people. I now have a job. I am busy.” – Richard

Richard from Lincolnshire lives in his own home and has support from Heritage Care. He told us how important being a part of Get Connected has been in making changes in his life. 

Since getting involved with Get Connected in Grantham Richard has a new confidence, he talks to people all the time and he has made new friends. He comes away from the group feeling energised and happy.   

The best part about this for Richard has been making new friends and gaining new skills and confidence. 

Richard is an inspiration. He has taken on many new challenges since joining the group including chairing meetings, helping other people with computer skills and doing a presentation at Heritage Care’s Annual Conference. Richard has also got himself a job volunteering at a local café.

Richard enjoys talking to people and helping people. Because of his involvement in the group he heard about being a Quality Checker and an Expert by Experience and he now visits people in their homes to talk about their support and he helps people like himself get a better life.

Richard also goes to a local sports centre. He told me it was great fun! It was at the Get Connected group that this all started. 

With the rising numbers in hate crime towards people with disabilities, isolation and loneliness Richard’s story could have been so different. Richard continues to have a busy life, which keeps him active, healthy and safe in his community. Richard is now an active member of the Board Heritage Care. Richard is a great example to us all! 

PCP Co-ordinator
Heritage Care