Dora Matthews House joins ‘Keep Safe Scheme’

Dora Matthews House joins ‘Keep Safe Scheme’

The Keep Safe Scheme in Gloucestershire was set up in 2010 to support people with learning disabilities, dementia, physical disability or any individual who might be considered vulnerable.

Individuals are encouraged to register as a member of the scheme which identifies places where assistance can be sought in any kind of challenging or difficult situation.

If a member should need help while they are away from their home environment, they just need to look for the Safe Place Logo, in the community. Each registered member nominates two people as emergency contacts and carries a Keep Safe Card bearing the contact numbers. Staff will then provide assistance by telephoning the contact number on the person’s Keep Safe card. Staff have been briefed in dementia awareness, disability awareness and communication and will support the person until their nominated person picks them up.

Julie Element, Manager of Dora Matthews House said: The reason we wanted to get involved is we have a lot of vulnerable people who use the café onsite and the activity room at Dora Matthews House. We wanted them to feel they would be supported in any kind of emergency situation.

I feel that we need to build a community that supports everyone and Dora Matthews is the perfect place for anyone who feels lost, scared or just in need of a kind word and support. My team are happy to be part of the scheme and feel supported by the local police who did the training around the initiative with them.

We have worked closely with the police to set this up and are delighted that the local constabulary are now going to use our meeting room for PIP days, (Personal Information Point) which will also helps build connections within the local community.’

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