Lynn’s trip to St Lucia

Lynn’s trip to St Lucia

Lynn, a 35 year old woman, lived in a flat with 3 other people. Lynn has a learning disability and her physical disabilities mean that she can only move her head and cannot walk or talk. Lynn has spent most of her life living in hospitals.

When we met Lynn we carried out an assessment, which involved getting to know her and talking to the people who knew her well. We planned her support around her needs and wishes. Her support plan was also developed with health care professionals to ensure that we understood Lynn’s health needs and how we could give her the best possible care.  

It is so important that we understand how people communicate. By working with Lynn’s speech therapist and her friends, we were able to find out how Lynn expresses her needs and wishes through facial expressions. She has recently started to use and iPad to communicate; by using photographs of people and places she knows, Lynn is able to tell us who she wants to see and where she wants to go.

Lynn used to want to spend most of her time alone in her own bedroom, but staff have encouraged her to go out more. She now loves going into central London to go shopping and people watch in the company of one of her support workers.  She also loves to go swimming twice a week and has started to listen to live music and attend concerts.

Lynn’s family live in the West Indies. Her dream was to visit them so the staff worked with them in planning and organising a 3 week stay in St Lucia. The look on Lynn’s face when she found out was priceless! She had the holiday of a lifetime and has continued to have regular contact with her family using Skype.