Dementia Care & Support

Dementia Care & Support

Our Approach

We have built a strong reputation in the care and support of people with dementia both for older people and for those with a learning disability. Many of our older people’s services are designed to be able to support people with a dementia by care staff who are are trained with specialist skills and knowledge. We take a person centred approach to caring for and supporting a person with dementia which means that we see the individual with dementia as a person, first and foremost.  Everyone has their own experiences, abilities, skills, knowledge, preferences, desires and personality, regardless of their illness and the way it affects them. We believe that everyone experiences the condition differently and therefore the support we provide is sensitive and appropriate to the individual person.

Some of our techniques to create an environment where individuals feel safe and comfortable include:

  • Rooms decorated in colours that individuals find soothing.
  • Good signage that assists residents to find different rooms.
  • Meal times are protected and finger food is available.
  • Use of memory boxes have developed with photographs and objects of reference.
  • Attachment therapies, including doll therapy.
  • Reminiscence areas with rummage boxes and various tactile items enable individuals to explore things that may prompt memories.
  • Photographs, posters and music that take people back to a different era where they feel secure.

Training our Staff

All our care staff in older people services are specially trained to support and care for people with dementia. We have our own specialist trainer who is an Associate trainer with the Alzheimer’s Society and is able to deliver their courses as well as our own bespoke in-house courses. As well as specialised training in the different types of dementia all our care staff receive induction and professional development in accordance with “Skills for Care” recommended guidance for care staff.
This includes provision of level 2 and level 3 QCF Diplomas in Health and Social Care (with Dementia specific pathways) and regular statutory training. We also provide specialised level 2 and 3 QCF awards in dementia awareness and level 2 and 3 certificates in dementia care. All our QCF qualifications are accredited by City and Guilds.
We have been working with the University of Worcester since 2015 to deliver specialist and leadership training in Dementia for all our managers and senior staff.

Volunteer Befrienders

Within our dementia services we are starting to develop teams of volunteer Befrienders who really add to the quality of life and well-being of the residents. Befrienders are an integral part of the team, supporting the residents by improving the quality of the residents’ lives by providing companionship, support and stimulation. They are involved with activities and outings, and by helping out at the fetes and other in-house events.

All Befrienders are given proper training and on-going support to ensure that both they and the residents can benefit as much as possible from the Befriending role and experience. Befriending encourages increased working with the community by bringing members of the wider community into the Home and encouraging increased visits out into the community.