Personalisation of Services

Personalisation of Services

As a central part of our Quality Strategy, Heritage Care is at the forefront of the developing models of service that give the people we support more control and enable self-directed support.  We support a number of people who have individualised budgets including people with complex needs who are being supported with their own tenancies.

Our aim is to enable every individual we support to achieve their ambitions. Our model of service delivery of flexible individualised support enables us to design a customised service for each individual, placing the individual at the centre, with the individual deciding exactly how they will be supported and who will support them. At the heart of this culture is person centred thinking and person centred plans for the people we support. This is a philosophy we extend to our services to older people as well as those with a learning disability or mental health support needs.

Driving Up Quality Code

Heritage Care has signed up to a new initiative called the Driving Up Quality Code to ensure we aim beyond minimum standards to improve the lives of people to whom we provide care and support.  The Driving up Quality Code has been developed by members of the Driving Up Quality Alliance, a steering group of representatives from provider organisations (including Heritage Care) chaired by the Housing and Support Alliance. The Driving up Quality Code sets out five key areas that indicate the practices of a good organisation:

  • Support is focused on the person.
  • The person is supported to have an ordinary and meaningful life.
  • Care and Support focuses on people being happy and having a good quality of life.
  • A good culture is important to the organisation.
  • Managers and board members lead and run the organisation well.

Information about who has signed up to the Code and how organisations are working towards meeting the Code is publicly available here.

Think Local Act Personal

Think Local, Act Personal is a national, cross sector charitable partnership focused on driving forward work with the personalisation agenda and community-based social care. The Partnership has created a set of benchmarks for the sector as a whole to assess progress in delivering the vision and help advance the personalisation of social care services. Providers who sign up to the ‘Making it Real’ campaign declare their commitment to improving the way older and disabled adults experience care and support and agree to implement an action with the aim of  meeting these benchmarks . The action plan to meet these benchmarks covers the organisations’ operational and corporate functions. Heritage Care has signed up to the Making it Real campaign to help us to check and build on our progress with personalisation. This action plan is based on 3 priorities:

  • People are in control of planning any care and support.
  • They are supported by people who help them to make links in their local community.
  • They have care and support that is directed by them and responsive to their needs.