Paul’s transition

Paul’s transition

Paul was 19 and living at home with his Mum, Dad and two brothers. The family were finding it hard to support Paul who wanted a place of his own. We met Paul, his family, the health care professionals who support him and others who knew him well to ensure that we understood how we could best help him.

From these meetings we found out Paul’s dreams and aspirations; we learned where he wanted to live, how and when he would like to be supported, and the type of person he would like to be supported by. The family had an individual budget for Paul to buy his support. Using this budget, we planned a service around his wishes. We worked with a housing partner to find the right property and recruited staff with Paul and his family’s involvement.

Paul now lives in his own flat with his own support staff. He has a Person Centred Plan with clear goals which he is working towards with the support of his staff team.

Paul did not talk much until he moved into his own home. However, his support staff have worked with him to develop his speech and sign language skills and he has learned over 30 new words in the last year.

Paul has maintained contact with his family and friends and has started college where he has made even more friends. He has also developed his social life; he now plays football and goes to concerts. With the help of his support staff, he has also learned new skills including cooking and shopping.

Paul’s family are very much involved in his life, taking part in reviews, sharing ideas and helping with some of our training around how to support Paul. Paul is happy living in his flat and is always keen to invite people to see his home. In his words “It is great!”¬†